Why Diets Fail

Still Struggling with Weight Loss?

If you are like millions of people, you wonder why diets fail. You have probably tried every weight loss diet under the sun and still struggle to lose weight and keep it off. You start out with the best intentions and soon find yourself sliding back into the same old habits that put on the pounds in the first place, wondering what what wrong and why diets fail you.

You can lose weight and keep it off if you are able to determine just what it is that is holding you back. Diets don't work. Taking baby steps toward a new healthy lifestyle is the way to go.

Here are some things to consider to get on the right, healthy lifestyle track:

Take a Time Out to Evaluate

Take a break, sit down with a pen and paper and your favorite (healthy) beverage and think about your dieting past and write down what comes to mind when you think about your past efforts and why they may have failed. Self awareness will go a long way to help you figure out how to proceed with finding a healthy balance of diet and exercise that will bring you success.

Less not Always Best

If you begin your diet with a severe calorie restriction, not only is it unlikely that you will continue this way for very long, but you may also be putting your body into starvation mode. When you cut your calorie intake by too much or deprive yourself of specific food groups such as carbs or fat, your body can go into starvation mode. This can be a major reason why diets fail. Metabolism still works the same as in the time of cavemen, when food was often scarce. The body will adjust to less food by running on less calories. In time, it will respond by slowing down your metabolism and holding onto fat. It is a big reason why diets don't work.

Basic Planning

Following a steadfast routine that demands perfection is often the groundwork for failure. However, basic planning is a great way to create an easy-to-follow healthy diet that allow flexibility and occasional lapses. Successful weight loss does not demand perfection, but partners well with an adaptable, basic structure.

Start with deciding which healthy foods are your favorites and keep it simple to start. In the beginning, avoid fancy recipes and meal plans that are time consuming and require lots of ingredients. Starting by doing too much too soon is a big reason why diets fail. Keeping it simple will give you a good, healthy start.

Wrong Timing

Even the best intentions may not succeed if you are experiencing things in your life that make it difficult for you to focus on yourself and your desire to lose weight. Maybe you are in the midst of a relationship or marriage problem, or work is extremely stressful right now. Whatever the problem, it may mean this is not the best time for you to put all your efforts into designing a new healthy lifestyle.

That does not mean you should ignore your own needs. Eat healthy as possible and get some exercise. This should help get you through tough times.

Lack of Motivation

May you KNOW you should lose some weight, but your heart really isn't in it right now. Unless you have a true desire to commit to a healthier diet and exercise plan, you will not lose weight if you aren't motivated for change. Lack of motivation is a big reason why diets fail most often.

Emotional Eating

Another significant reason why diets fail is because of emotional eating. Sometimes this happens without even realising that you are sabotaging yourself by stress and behaviors that have a longstanding, subtle effect. If overeating provides comfort and stress release, this can be a big factor why diets fail. Learn more about emotional eating.

It Just Doesn't Fit

You've read about the weight loss success lots of people are having on the new diet hyped by advertising and in the news media. You have gone out and bought all the pills, potions, and foods required and seem to be doing okay. Then all of a sudden, the new fad becomes harder for you to stick to.

Its always best to find what works just for you. Losing weight is not "one size fits all". To find your own weight loss success story, experiment and try different things. You will know when you've come up with just the right natural, healthy solutions for you by added energy and good news on the scale. Never again will you have to be frustrated with why diets fail.

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