Getting Past
The Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau

Why weight loss plateaus should not alarm you

First of all, don't panic and don't be depressed!

Plateaus are, unfortunately, as much a part of weight loss as losing weight itself. As you're dropping weight and improving your health, your body is changing and adjusting to your new lifestyle and sometimes it needs some time to adjust to weight loss and improved health. There is a lot going on inside you, hormonally and metabolically, and the best, kindest thing you can do to help is to continue your new healthy habits and be patient.

Continuing to eat healthy foods and exercise and stay active on a regular basis will eventually allow your weight loss to begin again. You will be very glad that you didn't give up when that scale starts to move again!

Be Extra Patient

During a weight loss plateau, it is important to be extra kind to yourself. Find ways to have fun and stay motivated that do not involve food. Now may be a great time to consider a new hairstyle, or go have that soothing massage you often think about but never find the time for. Maybe a little weekend trip to a new place is just what you need to uplift your spirits.

Try New Exercises

If you have been doing the same exercise routine for weeks, maybe you should consider changing it a bit, or doing something different. If you enjoy walking and are very good about taking regular walks, perhaps you can add some weight training or yoga. Giving your body a new way of movement can be just the thing that will jumpstart your successful weight loss once again.

Another way to boost your metabolism during a weight loss plateau is to change the time of day you are exercising. For many, this may be difficult to accomplish, but its okay to divide up your daily exercise activity if necessary. If you take your walk after work, or in the afternoon, try walking half that time in the morning and the other half later in the day.

Write It Down

If you haven't been keeping track of the food you eat, now may be the time to start. It is easy to forget everything that is eaten, especially when everyday life has you busy from morning to night. Keep it simple; use a notepad and jot down what you are eating and how much. Every couple days take a look at it and see if it corresponds to what you think you have been consuming. If not, you can easily see where to make some adjustments.

Revisit The Basics

Are you eating plenty of fruits and vegetables? Getting enough fiber? Drinking enough water? These are all areas where we sometimes lose track of reality versus how we think we are doing. Taking vitamins and supplements may also help in giving your body what it needs to be healthy and give you maximum weight loss to help you with your new healthy lifestyle.

The most important thing to remember when experiencing a weight loss plateau is that this is normal and that persistence and self awareness will help you get through this trying time and lead you to more success on the scales!

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