The Benefit of Keeping
A Weight Loss Journal

How Writing It All Down Helps You Lose Weight

A weight loss journal is one simple secret to weight loss success. Keep a record of everything you eat. Yes, everything! Keeping a simple food diary is one of the most significant things you can do to be accountable and stay on track.

Keeping a journal requires nothing extraordinary. Only a pen and paper and taking a little time during the day to keep track of everything you eat and drink.

Write Down Every Bite

The simple act of writing down everything that goes in your mouth will help you make better food choices and keep you mindful of eating smaller portions. It will give you a tangible record of where all your calories are coming from and help you discover eating habits that might be slowing down your weight loss success.

Writing down everything provides awareness. Its very easy to forget about the cookie you snitched in the lunchroom or the candy you confiscated from your kid's halloween stash.

This impulsive behavior often goes unnoticed and unaccounted for. But the calories add up and may leave you wondering why the scale isn't being as kind to you as you expect it to.

Still Not Convinced?

Presently, you may be keeping a running track in your head of your daily calorie intake. Keep a record of everything you eat over a day or two and compare it to your estimate. Amazing, huh? Is it an eye-opener to see what your true total calorie intake actually is?

This is a personal record only for your viewing and you can include anything in your weight loss journal that may be helpful to you:

  • Your daily menu and calorie intake.
  • Fats, carbs, and protein you eat.
  • Supplements and vitamins you take each day.
  • All the water you are drinking.
  • Your goals and milestones.
  • Your activities and daily exercise.
  • Your comments and feelings on how you're doing.
  • Foods and recipes that you like and are simple to make.
  • Copies of favorite weight loss articles.
  • People and stories that inspire you.

Food and Feelings

Writing it all down enables you to understand your eating patterns and just where all the calories are coming from. It provides accountability and gives you a clear picture of where hidden calories are coming from.

It can give great insight into your triggers for emotional eating and what kinds of foods can cause problems with new healthy eating habits.

Journaling your eating patterns can help identify when you eat because you are truly hungry or if you turn to food when you are stressed or bored or upset. This can be valuable information if you are an emotional eater and use food to comfort you when things aren't going so well.

While for some, journaling may seem like just another time consuming act that offers little reward, at least try it for a week or two. You will be surprised at how it will help identify what works for you and what doesn't.

Awareness and Accountability

Awareness and accountability will go a long way in helping your weight loss struggles less frustrating and more achievable. Accountability provides a firm foundation for success. The day by day reality of creating your new healthy lifestyle will become within reach as you keep a daily journal.

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