Visualization and Weight Loss

Visualization is a technique used to focus the mind and direct the imagination to a desired intention. Visualization can be as simple as sitting quietly and picturing yourself at your goal weight inside a pleasant daydream, or going to a professional who can provide therapeutic guidance and direction.

Creative imagination can be a very successful tool for weight loss. The mind is powerful and reacts subconsciously to focused thoughts and ideas. What you think affects your physical condition.

Replace negative thoughts and feelings with colorful and appealing images that ignite your emotions in a pleasant and precise way. Create interesting and realistic scenes in your mind and see yourself happy, beautiful, and vibrant - the way you will look as you lose weight.

Find a quiet place to relax and allow your thoughts to envelope you in a peaceful and soothing way. See yourself fit and healthy and be mindful of how your body feels. Imagine yourself at your desired weight. Picture yourself in places and situations, like at the beach in your new bathing suit, hiking in the hills, or dancing the night away in a lively nightclub.

Relax and Check In

At various times throughout the day, stop and take note of the thoughts going through your mind. Have a mental picture ready to focus on when you need to change those thoughts to a positive image.

Just a few moments of mindful centering will help relieve negative thoughts and give your body a boost by changing to more positive mental pictures. Feel the good results of picturing a happy, healthy you. Envision yourself one day closer to your goals in your fit and slender body.

Create A Vision Board

A helpful tool for creative imagery is a vision board. A vision board is a collage of images that gives your mind a concrete direction of focus. A vision board is a powerful tool in creating and clarifying your intentions.

Browse through magazines and find pictures that appeal to you. Pictures of fit and vibrant women doing the things you will enjoy once you lose weight. Include photos of places you will go and the things you enjoy doing.

Mind Body Connection

Creative thinking enlists the concept of the body-mind connection and is effective in reducing stress and anxiety, which has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate.

Visualization is a calming, pleasant experience that enhances your spirit and gives your body positives messages about the direction you are headed in your weight loss journey. By imagining the new you, your subconscious mind is recording the new focus and allowing the transformation to become reality.

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