Strength Training Exercises
for Weight Loss

Strength training exercises trigger weight loss by increasing muscle mass, helping your body burn more calories even when at rest. Contrary to the myth that weight training will turn unwanted body fat into muscle, weight training actually maintains lean body mass and burns only fat.

With strength training exercises, you will burn more calories not only during your workout, but also during all your other daily activities. Muscle needs more calories than body fat to maintain, so regular strength training exercises will allow you to burn more calories while grocery shopping, sitting at your desk, cleaning the house, or even digesting your food.

Tips for Beginners

The most common strength training is done at the gym with weight machines. For beginners, focus on learning how to do each exercise rather than the amount of weight you are lifting or how many exercises you do. Start with a weight training program that works all muscle groups. Work out up to three days per week, taking a day off after each workout day. Start with about 12-15 reps for each exercise using light to medium weight. Get familiar with the moves and build some strength. Then you can add reps or more weight as your body reacts to the muscle building workouts.

Weights and Repetitions

To lose body fat and build muscle, use the right weight so you can only complete 10-12 repetitions and 1-3 sets of each exercise. Rest about 30 seconds between sets, taking some deep breaths and relaxing. You may want to work with a personal trainer to insure you are doing the exercises correctly and are doing the ones that will be most beneficial for losing weight and avoiding injury.

Challenge Yourself

After six weeks of regular weight training, you can change your weight loss workout to make it more challenging. Frequently add either one rep and/or a few pounds of weight to each exercise to progress. Keep repetitions at about 16 or below. Once you hit 16 reps, increase your weight and drop your reps down to 10 or 12. This will work the muscles to strengthen and tone. After six weeks of regulary strength training exercises, you can change your routine to make it more challenging.

Lot of Weight to Lose?

If you have a high percentage of body fat, with strength training exercises this can actually work to your advantage. Excess body fat has made it necessary for your body to build a strong skeleton and strong muscles. Those muscles have been built up in order to carry that extra body weight, day in and day out. Standing, walking, any kind of movement requires more strength than for a normal weight person. The heavier you are, the stronger your muscles have to be just to do simple, everyday activities.

Toned and Healthy Body

If you are able to maintain that muscle mass and bone density while you are losing body fat, then you will continue to maintain the high metabolism created by lean body mass even while you are losing weight. Strength training will do exactly that. Most overweight people make the mistake of thinking that any weight loss is a good thing. But if you only diet and do no weight training, you're going to lose the muscle mass you already have. The ideal way to lose weight is to lose fat and maintain and build muscle. Toned and active muscles boost an effective metabolism and burn calories. Plus, a toned body is a healthy, beautiful body.

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