Spiritual Wellness and Weight Loss

Spiritual wellness is a dimension of wellness often misunderstood when it comes to successful weight loss. Healthy inspiration can help you become aware when you are overeating and therefore can help you keep losing weight. But what is spiritual wellness and how can it help you stay on track?

Finding Healthy Inspiration

Spiritual awareness is an effective tool for weight loss and successful lifestyle changes. Learning to relax and check in with your thoughts and feelings will inspire emotional wellness and help relieve stress and discomfort which often lead to overeating.

The Inner Self

It is important to understand the value of nurturing your spirit. The nature and essence of the inner self is often overlooked. You may prefer visualization, meditation, or simple focus and awareness. When trying to lose weight and transform a new lifestyle, taking care of your spiritual self can be a very important step to success.

Simple mindfulness and meditation are powerful tools when it comes to staying on track in achieving health and wellness.

Mindful Breathing

The easiest form of meditation is to focus on one single thing, either internal or external. For example, concentrate on your breathing. Give it your full attention but just be mindful of each breath as you begin. Once you are focused, ease into deeper breath, breathing in to the count of three, breathing out to the count of six.

Focus on Beauty

Or concentrate on something external, such as a flower or a burning candle. Take in every aspect of the object your have chosen. Watch the colors change and flicker in the candle light. Observe every feature of the flower: its leaves, blossom, stem. The purpose is to block out all other thoughts and focus on one simple thing.

Meaningful Imagery

When you are stressed and frustrated, stop and take a minute to breathe deeply. Listen to some favorite music that calms and centers you. Close your eyes and imagine you are sitting near a beautiful waterfall and listening to the peaceful sound of the water running by. Hear the birds chirping cheerily up above and imagine them swooping down, gathering up your worries, and carrying them away.

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