Healthy Self Esteem

What Is Self Esteem, Anyway?

Healthy self esteem means feeling good about yourself and having a positive self image, just as you are now. It means understanding that even though you have weight to lose, you are a valuable person and accept yourself, as you are, in the present.

Of course, this may seem easier said than done. Many overweight people think that they can only feel happy and proud of themselves once they have achieved their desired weight. We live in a "the thinner the better" world, constantly being reminded that carrying extra weight means you are not attractive and viewed differently.

You will not change your confidence level overnight. But it is possible to take small steps to build your esteem level and see yourself more positively.

Here are some easy things to try:

  • Write down something you like about yourself. Acknowledge and celebrate that you are (fill in the blank) a good singer, compassionate,have a great smile, or whatever.

  • Now write something you don't like. Is there anything you can do to change or improve it? If yes, write them down, setting simple, realistic goals.

  • Always give yourself credit for trying, even if you don't succeed every time. Finding out what doesn't work is just one step closer to learning what does. A step in the right direction is better than no step at all.

  • Judge yourself according to your own standards, not someone else's. The truth is your opinion and view of yourself is the only one that matters. After awhile, this will be more clear to you.

When slipping into old habits of dwelling on the negative, focus on your progress and strengths. Having a mantra or affirmation handy for such times will help.

I love myself just as I am today.

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