Every Day Self Care and "Me Time"

Self care is an important part of losing weight and being healthy. If you lead a busy life and find it almost impossible to fit in some "Me Time", start by occasionally, at least once a week, doing something that relaxes and replenishes you.

Take time to refresh your mind, body and spirit with peace and quiet, focusing only on yourself and your wellbeing. Maybe you like yoga or meditation. If a massage or a pedicure relaxes you, make an appointment to be pampered. If reading novels or working with crafts is your thing, give yourself permission to indulge in your favorite hobby. "Me Time" is an important part of losing weight that is far too often overlooked.

Self Care Matters

Failure to spend time each day nurturing and taking care of your own needs gradually leads to stress induced illness such as high blood pressure, fatigue, irritability, digestive problems, and other illness that escalates by being constantly stressed and ignoring the initial symptoms of a problem. Most often, these things come on slowly so they don't get your attention until they begin to spin out of control and you become sick.

Spending one simple hour each day with the sole purpose of taking care of YOU is essential for finding wellness and achieving the weight loss goal you envision and strive for. This is the meaning and purpose of self care.

Beginning Self Care

This hour does not have to happen all at one time. Divide your "Me Time" into pieces that are reasonable and attainable for you and your particular lifestyle.

Try and find at least 10 minutes each morning, upon getting out of bed to do some stretching and cardio. Take a 20 minute walk at lunchtime or find a quiet place to do a simple exercise routine that will get your heart rate up. If you have errands to run, park far enough away to get in some fast-paced walking. Or hit the gym; even 30 minutes of weight training or treadmill will help you reach your goal of self care and weight loss.

If "Me Time" is new to you, start slowly and work up to an effective routine. It is proven that even 20 minutes of exercise or activity will have a positive effect on your health over time.

Peace and Relaxation

Another part of taking care of yourself includes calm, quiet, reflective time where you can let go of the craziness of your day and just breathe and relax. You may like listening to music, or meditating, or reading something that is uplifting and inspirational. It is important to try different ways of self care, learning what works best for you.

Take a few minutes and sit down with pen and paper and write some ideas that come to mind about how you can fit in your "Me Time". Think about simple, basic things to start with, such as stretching, listening to music, walking, meditating. When taking care of YOU becomes natural, enhance it with bigger goals. Maybe you've always wanted to play tennis or ice skate. Or maybe swimming and gardening are more your style. Find what you love and make it a part of your life.

Wellness Is A Lifelong Journey

Wellness is all about being prepared and having a plan. Put "Me Time" on the calendar and make it as important as all the things you do for others. Although you may never find perfection, strive for a stress-free approach in your life and you will be very pleasantly surprised at how good it feels to put yourself first, at least for an hour each day!

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