Simple Ways to Nurture and Pamper

Making a commitment to nurture and pamper yourself is sometimes difficult for many people. However, unless you truly give yourself the same attention and value that you give others, you are missing a very important step in establishing life changing, healthy habits. Nurture yourself and you will soon experience the importance of taking time for self care for weight loss.

Set aside time for yourself. Do what inspires and energizes you. Even little things, like a ten minute rest or a session of gentle stretching can help center your mind and body and relieve stress.

Sometimes the decision to take better are of yourself means setting healthy boundaries and creating a reasonable schedule that includes time for YOU in your hectic and busy days.

Pamper with a Pedicure

Sooth with Simple Stretches

Fit in a Fabulous Facial

Alleviate Stress with Aromatherapy

Bask in a Bubbly Candlelit Bath

Motivate with a Marvelous Massage

Make it a habit to reward yourself with self care and pampering, rather than with food. Not only will you feel indulged and invigorated, you will develop the happy feeling that you are indeed worth it!

Self care may be something you plan to do once you have reached your weight loss and fitness goals, but you are missing out on a special way to boost weight loss if you put off taking good care and pampering yourself along the way.

Being overweight creates an attitude of unworthiness when it comes to self care and pampering. Unless you change that mindset and instead think of yourself as deserving as you are right now, you may never feel how good it is to enjoy how wonderful it truly is to spoil and pamper someone very special -- YOU!

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