How to Lose Belly Fat with Natural Foods and Exercise

Want to lose belly fat? Try these simple, effective tips to burn stomach fat and get the flat stomach of your dreams!

Losing belly fat is no magical formula.

So what's the best strategy to lose belly fat? Is it as simple as adding certain foods to your diet or doing specific tummy focused exercises?

Don't worry; you can lose that soft spare tire. But there's no secret formula that will burn stomach fat "overnight". There is no diet plan, special food, or specific exercise that works just on belly fat.

lose belly fat

However, belly fat is the first fat most people lose when they start losing weight. No matter what shape you are (pear, apple, etc.) you will tend to lose more from the abdominal area than other areas.

So why is abdominal fat the first to go?

Abdominal fat is visceral fat, deep inside the waist area and is more metabolically active and easier to lose than the other kind of fat, subcutaneous fat. The more weight you have to lose, the faster you will start losing it from your stomach area.

People who are significantly overweight will burn stomach fat faster than someone who has less to lose. As the body starts shedding pounds, it starts with visceral fat which is located in the stomach area.

Flat Stomach Foods

Can Whole Grains Help You Lose Belly Fat?

A recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that a calorie-controlled diet rich in whole grains trimmed extra fat from the waistline of obese subjects.

Those who ate all whole grains (along with a sensible, balanced diet) lost more weight from the abdominal area than another group that ate the same diet, but with all refined grains.

Eating a diet rich in whole grains while reducing refined carbohydrates changes the glucose and insulin response and makes it easier to mobilize fat stores. Visceral fat is more metabolically active and easier to lose than subcutaneous fat, especially if you have a lot of it.

When you eat refined foods like white bread, it triggers a rise in blood sugar levels followed by an increased insulin response, which can cause fat to be deposited more readily. Eating a diet rich in whole grains (also higher in fiber) helps improve insulin sensitivity. This, in turn helps the body more efficiently use blood glucose, lowers blood glucose levels, and reduces fat deposition.

Eating whole grains helps satisfy your hunger. Experiment with bran, brown rice, cornmeal, oats, quinoa, whole wheat bread, and wheat germ. There are many great recipes for these healthy grains so find ones you love. Not only will you be eating healthier, you'll soon notice the difference in your waistline!

Can Monounsaturated Fats Banish Belly Fat?

A recent diet book called The Flat Belly Diet says its possible to lose belly fat by eating a 1,600-calorie diet rich in monounsaturated fats.

Most people will lose weight on a 1,600-calorie diet. And there is little question that when it comes to choosing fats, the monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAS) found in avocados, nuts, seeds, olives, soybeans, chocolate, olive and canola oils are among the best choices, with proven health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease.

But these are not magic foods capable of targeting belly fat. While the MUFAS are healthy fats, they are still fats, with nine calories per gram. Tht is more than twice that of carbohydrates and proteins, which have four calories per gram.

Flat Stomach Exercises

Do fat burning exercises really work for the stomach? Many experts say they do, others have considerable doubt. The only way to know if flat stomach exercises will work for you is to try them out and see.

If you have considerable weight to lose, odds are that flat stomach exercise will be extremely beneficial in toning and tightening loose skin. You have nothing to lose by adding some crunches or other tummy toning exercise to your daily activities.

Simple flat belly exercises will not only help get rid of your spare tire but will give you better balance and stronger muscles too!

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