How To Lose Weight Walking

Walking Benefits Your Health
and Helps You Lose Weight

Lose weight walking and discover how regular walking benefits weight loss and improves fitness. Its no secret a brisk walk is one of the best fat burning exercises and is accessible and simple for almost everyone. Walking is something you already do and requires only a good pair of shoes and firm commitment to walk regularly.

You can walk just about anywhere. You can walk close to home or go to a nearby park full of beautiful scenery. If the weather is uncooperative, maybe a mall or a gym will work for you. If you live near water or some other pretty outdoor setting, take advantage and walk with nature. A power walk or hike in the beautiful outdoors is a wonderful way to have fun and lose weight walking.

Regular walking benefits everyone. It is a great exercise choice because it can be done alone or with others. Maybe you have a baby to push in a stroller, or a puppy who loves a long outdoor jaunt. Or you might be one who loves to walk alone listening to your favorite music.

Group or Solo?

Do you have friends who love to walk? One problem that may come up that one of you can't make it on a scheduled day. Set times that tentatively should work and agree that you will be there as often as possible. Expect that on occasion you may be on your own. Its no big deal. Be sure to bring your ipod and plug in to your favorite tunes.

If you're looking for others trying to lose weight walking, many malls have walking groups. You can inquire at their customer service area. Volksmarch is an international group that walk for weight loss and for fun and fitness. Your local chapter can easily be found on the web. Or go to Craigslist or some other online classified service. There are always others who also want to walk to lose weight walking and improve their health.

Or You Can Try...

If you prefer to get your exercise in private, a treadmill may be the best choice for you. Many people would not start their day without jumping on the treadmill for 15 or 20 minutes when they first get up. They report more energy and a better mood when they get the blood moving before they go to work.

Another option is to find an exercise DVD that is within your ability and keeps you motivated to use it regularly. There is a wide range out there of everything from aerobics (all kinds of routines for all sizes) to indoor walking to dancercise (another favorite). Moving to music that you love is a great way to keep going. Most everyone loves to dance, at least in private!

Get Moving Start Walking

So today, right now, why not think about what you enjoy and might realistically be able to maintain. Even short bouts of brisk walking will have walking benefits. Even occasional walking is better than no walking at all.

Some studies show that 30 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week is enough to reduce your risk of heart disease and other illnesses. If you want to lose weight walking, work toward walking at least 5 days a week, 30 minutes a day. You can increase it to 45 minutes if your body needs more, but over 45 minutes may lead to overexertion and end up being counterproductive in terms of joint wear-and-tear and overproducing cortisol which can increase stress levels.

If you chose one thing and find yourself dreading having to get your workout in, try something else. Just keep trying and don't give up. You will find what works for you and soon the pounds will be falling off and your only complaint will be, "Why didn't I begin sooner!"

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