High Fiber Diet Menus

High fiber diet menus are great for keeping your weight loss on track. Here are some easy menu plans filled with healthy foods for balanced nutrition that will help keep you satisfied and quell those cravings throughout the day.

Creating a high fiber diet plan is easy. And you just might learn some interesting nutrition facts in the process. High fiber foods are basic and healthy. They can be easily found in your grocery store. High fiber diet menus can be simple to prepare.

If you're not eating very much fiber now, start with 10 to 20 grams per day and add more according to how you feel. Some people experience gastric problems (bloating, gas) when they add too much too fast. Creating your very own high fiber diet is a wonderful, healthy way to lose weight and feel great.

Here are two high fiber menu plans to help get you started. Be sure to experiment and add your own high fiber favorites.


Raisin bran cereal 7g

1/2 cup skim milk

1/2 grapefruit 6g


1 boiled egg

3 cherry tomatoes 1g


1 cup navy bean soup 11g

1 whole wheat bread stick 1g

Green salad with veggies of your choice


1 pear 4g


Choice of seafood ie salmon, snapper, cod

1/2 baked potato with low fat sour cream and chives 2g

6 spears asparagus 1.5g

PM Snack

3 cups air popped popcorn 2.5g

36g of fiber for the day


Oatmeal 1 cup (not instant) 4g fiber

1/2 cup of skim milk

8 strawberries 4g fiber


8 oz low fat yogurt

1/2 cup raspberries 5g


Tuna sandwich with whole grain flax bread 7g

Celery and carrot sticks 3g


1/2 apple 2g

10 almonds 1.5g


Herb baked chicken breast

1/2 cup seasoned brown rice 2g

1 cup lemon/garlic broccoli 2.5g

Salad made of lettuce, cucumber, grated carrots and cherry tomatoes

PM snack

1/2 cup sugar free instant pudding

30g of fiber for the day

TIP: When out of season, frozen berries are fine. Organic is even better. They can be easily found at Trader Joe's, Krogers, Whole Foods for example.

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