Healthy Food

What More Can Be Said About Food?

Healthy food is nourishment. It gives us energy and all the nutrients our bodies need to heal and stay healthy.

Food is pleasure. Food tastes good. Enjoying delicious, healthy food is indeed delightful.

Food is entertainment. We socialize around the dinner table. Our traditions and culture include a wide variety of food related activities.

Food is comfort. Often we turn to satisfying dishes from our childhood when a bit of cheer or consolation is in order.

Perhaps food is your hobby. Preparing new and flavorful dishes for your friends and family is fun and gives you a sense of creative accomplishment.

Food may even be your profession, you might be a chef at the local family favorite restaurant or maybe you own a bakery or a coffee shop.

Whatever your relationship and understanding of food, you may be confused and looking for good, basic information about food. What to eat and why. You know natural, unprocessed foods are good for you, but what exactly do they have that is so beneficial?

Keep reading for some insight about what is, and what isn't, healthy food and some simple reasons why.

Basic Nutrition

Understanding the nutritional value of food in our lives is often somewhat of a mystery. We know we should be eating a variety of fruit and vegetables but really aren't clear on exactly why. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and contain many essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need for good health and wellness.

Would you like to eat nutrient loaded foods to reap the benefits of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, but aren't sure where to start? Try these 8 Super Foods They are always available and easy to include often in your eating plan.

Eating a variety of lean meat, fish, eggs, beans, nuts and seeds is essential for optimum health. Protein provides important B vitamins, zinc, and iron and is necessary to build muscle, manufacture hormones and enzymes.

It is important to consume a wide range of protein, but it does not have to come from animal protein. Yogurt, cheese, and milk, some grains, nuts and seeds are also good choices for supplying your body with the amino acids contained in protein.

Understanding the nutritional value of the basic food groups can help you design a plan that will make sense and work for you.

Check out this healthy food pyramid for help in understanding what foods to include when building your menu plan.

It is increasingly clear that a diet consisting of fresh and organic foods is ideal for health and wellness. However, is it true that all processed foods are a bad choice? Click here to learn more. The answers may surprise you.

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