Green Tea and Weight Loss

Can Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

The effect of green tea on weight loss is becoming more and more evident. Many recent studies have shown that this ancient Japanese brew contains important antioxidants that help maintain good health and give a significant boost to weight loss.

Camillia Sinensis (it's formal name)tea helps you lose weight by revving metabolism, regulating blood sugar, and suppressing your appetite. An added bonus is that it provides healthy alternative to those addictive and expensive high calorie coffee drinks we love to consume every morning.

Metabolism Booster

Green tea helps boost energy and metabolism by working with the other chemicals in the body to increase fat oxidation and thermogenesis, thus enhancing the fat burning process. High amounts of catechin polyphenols are found in green tea, which help intensify fat oxidation and thermogenesis (the rate your body burns calories). Drinking this healthy tea also helps to decrease the production of leptin that is stored in fat cells. Leptin is a kind of protein hormone which is responsible for regulating appetite and fat storage.

Help Stabilize Blood Sugar

The catechins in this healthy tea help inhibit the transport of glucose to the fat cells. It also slows the rise in blood sugar after a meal, preventing insulin spikes and the resulting storage of fat. Keeping blood sugar as level as possible decreases cravings, especially for sugar, over the day. Studies have shown that when drinking it before eating a meal, glucose production is suppressed, apparently because the catechins inhibit the conversion of glucose by digestive enzymes.

Practical Fat Burner

It has also been found that the uptake of glucose by the digestive tract for transfer to the bloodstream is markedly suppressed by the polyphenols in this tea(which may help to explain green tea’s weight-loss effect). This suppression is strongest with the same catechin compounds that are the most active in enhancing insulin activity (catechins are polyphenols, polyphenols are flavenoids).

Natural Appetite Suppressant

Sipping tea over the day may have a noticable impact on your appetite. By helping keep blood sugar levels from surging and plunging, you may feel less hungry and realize that more time is passing before you are even thinking about food. These changes won't happen over night, but may be a benefit if you consume 3 to 5 cups of tea on a regular basis.

You Can Even Save Money

As well as health and weight loss benefits, drinking this tea can also have a positive impact on your wallet. If you are one of those who is constantly stopping by the coffee stand for your daily fix of your favorite caffeinated beverage, switching to green tea with not only be a healthy alternative, but will save you considerable money over the long term. What could be better than that?

Better Than Coffee

Green tea is a great alternative for coffee drinkers. If gives the same "boost", but also includes some antioxidants that have been studied for their health benefits and weight loss assistance. It is best to drink your tea "green", without anything added. Adding milk or other dairy diminishes the effectiveness of the tea's healthful properties.

How To Brew Tea

There are many ways to brew a great cup of tea. You can make it as simple as adding hot water to a tea bag in your favorite tea cup or brew a pot with loose leaves that you can sip from all day long. It will take just a couple minutes to "steep" the tea and make it the right potency. You may want to experiment a bit to find just how strong or weak you prefer your tea. This tea has a wonderful organic, astringent taste that you will find yourself looking forward to each day.

Give It Some Time

As with all lifestyle changes and healthy eating habits, immediate results are not the goal. Adding this healthy tea to your daily routine will take some time to notice the benefits. In some reports, regular tea drinkers have recognised the benefits of drinking this health brew after a few days.

Green Tea Is Worth A Try

So what do you have to lose? except for some extra weight and unhealthy drink choices. Fire up your tea kettle and give this wonderful tea a chance. You will be doing yourself a favor by adding this healthy beverage and enhancing your weight loss. Join in the many benefits that are known over centuries to many who already enjoy their daily cups of tea!

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