Intermittent Fasting Diet

                   How to Follow an Alternate Day Diet

Are you interested in some type of fasting diet?  Would you like to try a low calorie diet plan but you worry that fasting would be too difficult to follow long term? Like most people, you are probably skeptical that intense calorie restriction is an unreasonable diet for you. After all, if you like to eat, not eating (very much) would be impossible, right?

Welcome to the world of the intermittent fasting diet. Not only is this low calorie diet plan completely safe and workable, calorie cycling will give you lots of health benefits that are very impressive. It is incredible just how good this diet plan really is for you. And even more amazing is that it isn't all that hard to do.

And here is the best news...the secret so to speak.

You only have to diet every other day!

The intermittent fasting diet is what the name implies. It is dieting, reducing your food intake every other day. This means that on the first day, you eat as you normally would within reason. Naturally, you won't lose weight by overeating one day and starving the next.  This would be unhealthy and would also be detrimental to your goal of losing weight.

The next day, you will dramatically limit your calories. You have choices here. You can make this day a liquids only day and drink only water, or add things such as coffee, tea, juice or broth. Another option is to eat very low calorie, keeping under 500 calories, at least in the beginning. Calorie levels for your fasting day can be adjusted according to your results.

The most important point of intermittent fasting is to significantly vary the difference in calories between your “eating day” and your “fasting day”. When your body thinks it is starving, it will release certain hormones that make your metabolism slow down and go into a holding pattern.

By eating a regular amount of calories the next day, your body will think, “Oh nevermind. I'm getting enough today.” And your metabolism will not go into alarm mode and stop working.

The benefits of intermittent calorie restriction are impressive. Studies show that calorie cycling can help to avoid heart disease, enhance circulation, ease digestive disorders, slow aging and ward off dementia. Losing weight and keeping it off is one amazing benefit that has been reported in documented medical studies.

Another great thing is that alternate day dieting is one of the best low calorie diet plans because it is quite simple to do long term. The feelings of deprivation are virtually nonexistent because on each fasting day, your eating day is right around the corner.

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