Best Exercises to Lose Weight

Create Your Own Healthy Exercise Plan

The best exercises to lose weight are the ones you look forward to and enjoy doing regularly. There is no reason exercising can't a healthy part of your life. Regular exercise makes you feel alive and after awhile boosts your energy and fitness levels.

Exercising Can Be Fun - Really!

Exercise can eventually become fun. The trick is to find out what kinds of exercise you like and will do regularly. You may have a hard time agreeing that exercise (movement) can actually be enjoyed, but its true. You just have to take some time and be patient. Find the best exercises to lose weight that are a good fit for you. Keep reading for some examples.

Just Get Started

If you are serious about getting rid of that extra weight, you already know that regular exercise must be a part of your plan. But you may not know just how much you need in order to see steady results. As you learn more about exercises to lose weight, you will be surprised by how much is actually needed in order to shed the extra pounds. Even 20 minutes three times per week will improve your health and help you lose weight. It is simply not true that you have to kill yourself and exercise excessively for healthy weight loss.

Here are some ideas and examples of the best exercises to lose weight.

Exercise Stretches and Yoga

Yoga is great exercise for weight loss, especially if you don't like aerobics or other cardio workouts. Exercise stretches can be conformed to your level of flexibility and body type. Even large bodies can reap the benefits of gentle stretching and yoga. Yoga is about uniting the body, mind, and spirit and loving yourself just as you are now.

Through gentle movement and relaxation, you will become in touch with your body. Start out slowly according to your abilities. Yoga should never hurt. Classes for bigger women (and men) are being offered in many cities. You can go online and research where classes are offered in your area.

There are several videos for sale that demonstrate poses for beginners and those who need poses altered for their body shape. One good one is by Megan Garcia, "Yoga-Just My Size" where she demonstrates alternative stretches for anyone who can't do traditional postures.

Strength Training Exercises

Strength training exercises are an excellent choice for losing weight. Muscle burns more calories than fat. As you build muscle and burn fat, you will boost your metabolism. This will help melt off extra pounds. Strength training excercises work well for weight loss because they help tone and strengthen the structure of the body.

Every gym has the equipment for strength training exercises, along with the professionals who can show you how to use these machines to the best advantage. Start slow with a basic workout. Building muscle is a wonderful way to maintain a healthy body.

Beginner Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are great for burning calories and can also help keep your heart and circulatory system in good condition. Cardio exercises also help raise your metabolism by improving your circulation. Cardio exercises include aerobics, walking, jogging, dancing, swimming, etc. Studies show that even a half hour of cardio exercise just three times per week will have a positive result.

Even household chores are considered cardio exercise. Making beds, dusting, vacuuming, gardening and many others are great things to do for exercise and movement. If you spend too much time in front of the TV of computer, get up frequently and do a chore that will get your circulation moving.

Best Abdominal Exercise

Exercises to lose weight would be incomplete without mention of the best abdominal exercise. It seems like everyone is hoping to find out that one magic exercise that will flatten that stomach in no time. Unfortunately, no such exercise exists. If you have weight to lose and your stomach is flabby, nothing will tone it up until you lose at least some of the weight. However, weight loss and regular exercise together will have a positive effect on a flabby tummy.

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