Dealing with Denial

Be Honest

The first step in creating lasting change is to stop kidding yourself. Denial is a mental block that makes excuses and inhibits change. Ignoring it will not help you develop a healthy lifestyle and thinner body. Acknowledging and accepting the reasons you are not achieving your goal is a big step toward wellness, weight loss and success.

Breaking Free

  • Write down what is keeping you from reaching your weight loss and fitness goals. Be specific.

  • For each one, think of three things you can do to avoid situations that tempt you to overeat or binge.

  • Do a mental check-in several times a day. Be sure to give yourself an internal "pat on the back" for each of your little successes!

  • If you're having a rough day, take some quiet time to figure out why. Make no excuses and tell yourself you will do better next time.

  • Acknowledge that weight loss and healthy eating is not always easy to accomplish, but well worth the work and investment because you are worth it!

Practice Positive Repetition

It may feel impossible to overcome denial and lose weight, but instead of worrying that you can't, repeatedly tell yourself that you can. Even if you don't believe it, positive repetition will work!

Several times a day, check in mentally and pay attention to your self talk. If you find that you are being critical, trade those thoughts for positive ones. Negative thoughts kill motivation. Being kind to yourself with compliments and encouragement will give you added inspiration to reach your weight loss goals!

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