Change Your Mind
Positive Thinking Helps Weight Loss

If you change your mind - actually modify your thought patterns - you can change your life. Fire up your weight loss success by paying attention to what's going on inside your head. Without awareness, you may be sabotaging your diet and exercise plan by the thoughts that constantly run through your mind.

Are you in denial when dealing with health issues and other problems caused by being overweight? It can be overwhelming when trying to change bad habits and find a healthy new lifestyle based on sensible eating and regular exercise.

Pay attention to your inner critic and consciously change your thoughts. It will take time and practice, but its not as difficult as you might think. Giving yourself credit and emphasizing the things you are doing right is far more productive than beating yourself up all the time.

Thoughts Create Emotions

Your thoughts create your emotions which in turn manifest your actions, creating results. This circle could be called a vicious cycle of thinking bad, feeling bad, being bad (eating the extra cookie) which results in zero weight loss. When you tell yourself you are a loser or losing weight is impossible, your mind will oblige and you will act accordingly.

thought cycle
You can actually think yourself thin!  When you are aware of the impact of your thoughts, you can make the effort to change your mind. Criticizing yourself serves no purpose except to make you feel bad which can lead to overeating or binging. Being mindful of your mental chatter is the first step in stopping the thoughts that lead to bad habits.

Sound Familiar?

~ Losing weight is too hard. I'll always be fat!

~ I don't have the willpower to lose weight. I wish I could just wake up and not be fat.

~ Being fat makes me ugly and unattractive to others.

~I'm too lazy to exercise enough to make a difference.

~Exercise is boring and no fun.

~ I hate the way I look in the mirror.

~It will always be like this and I will never lose weight.

~If I were thinner, I'd be happy.

Change Negative Thoughts

Low self esteem can be an obstacle to achieving balance and wellness in your life. Are you caught in a cycle of feeling bad about how you look or feel and then overeat to relieve stress? Thinking positive thoughts of yourself is crucial to wellness and weight loss.

Are you an emotional eater? Do you use food to cope with negative feelings and behaviors that may have roots from an earlier time in your life?Overeating can be a defense mechanism to cover up feelings that may be too overwhelming or painful for you to acknowledge.

"If you want to know what your body will look like tomorrow, examine your thoughts today." ~Navaho proverb

Positive Thinking Is Essential

Positive thinking goes a long way in helping create a successful foundation for losing weight and improving wellness that right now you can only imagine.

Change your mind and your thought process can help make the most of your potential. Positive self-talk sends messages to your subconscious and affects your resulting behavior and the choices you make.

When it comes to your daily diet and activity level, positive thinking is essential.

Break Bad Habits

Negative thoughts undermine the process of change. It sets you up for failure because its constantly telling you "you're bad" and putting you down, and these messages are absorbed by the subconscious mind which reacts and obliges with corresponding behavior.

This process continues throughout the day and is mostly automatic. You're not even aware of this exchange of thoughts and actions taking place, but it is crucial in your everyday life and creates the foundation for being good to yourself which will naturally result in weight loss.

Not only is it trueYou Are What You Eat but also You Are What You Think! If you struggle with weight loss and find it difficult to break free from old lifestyle habits, pay more attention to your self-talk.

Without an awareness of your inner conversation, its hard to understand WHY you do what you do, therefore changing your mind is illusive.

The Inner Critic

Criticism kills motivation. It creates an atmosphere of indifference and rebellion. Your negative self discourages hope. You give up and feel uninspired to do your best. This exchange of thought and resulting action goes mostly unnoticed.

Negative thinking is also a big waste of time. Why spend time berating yourself when you could use your time and effort more productively by thinking positive thoughts and creating life changing strategies.

Talk to yourself the same way you talk to a friend. With a little practice, it is possible to change your thoughts and in turn, change your mind and think positive.

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