Calorie Shifting Diet

What is a Calorie Shifting Diet?

The calorie shifting diet is all about working your metabolism to function optimally while trying to lose weight. When you eat less food and suddenly have a large drop in calories, your body can go into starvation mode. It thinks you are unable to find the same amount of food you are used to eating and slows your metabolism down to conserve excess fat for future calorie burning.

No Big Secret

You may think there is a secret formula to all of this, but really it is very simple. Just three simple things, smaller portions of healthy foods, frequent exercise and activity, and keeping your metabolism working its best for steady, natural weight loss.

Metabolism and Weight Loss

Weight gain occurs because the intake of calories is more than calories burned. This is all caused by the engine of our body - metabolism. You need to speed up your metabolism in order to lose weight, as well as keep it off.

Your body has no way of knowing you simply want to drop a few pounds when you want to lose weight. It begins taking steps to protect you from starving. It gradually slows down non-essential functions and hoards calories for later. This makes it harder to lose weight and slows down your weight loss efforts and often leads to lack of motivation.

Trick Your Metabolism

A calorie shifting diet prevents this. When you eat a variety of calories over weeks and months, your body is tricked into functioning at the normal rate. On this plan you eat varying amounts of calories during the week. This leaves your body in a perpetual state of confusion. It decides it can't possibly be in a famine if some days you eat higher amounts of calories than others. It learns to adjust to the switch and continues to rev up your metabolism at a normal rate.

This means you can follow a new healthy food plan plan without slowing down your weight loss or your metabolism.

How A Calorie Shifting Diet Works

Let's say you are used to eating around 2,500-3,000 calories per day. This amount of calories has kept your weight at the current level. You wish to lose 30 pounds.

First of all, reduce your average daily calories to 2,000. At 2,000 you can eat good, healthy food and not feel deprived. After a few days at this new adjusted calorie level, drop to 1,500 calories for three days in a row.

On the fourth day, go back to your "average" 2,000 for three days. Then on the fourth day, go back up to 2,500 for 2 days.

On the third day, back down to 2,000 for three days, 1500 for three days, and so on.

Your body will not think it is starving, and your metabolism will begin working at its best to assist you with weight loss.

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Experiment and Adjust to Fit Your Needs

Please note that the above 2,000 daily average calories is simply an example. It is important to test and experiment with the best way to use calorie shifting that works for you. You can start with a lower average daily calorie number and add and subtract however many calories work best for you. Just remember the basics: Don't let your body get used to the same approximate calories each day. Some days consume considerably less, and other days you can add calories to keep your metabolism coaxed into working its best for you!

Added Benefit of A Calorie Shifting Diet

Calorie shifting is also great in helping you feel satisfied with your daily eating routine. You will not feel deprived because you know there are days ahead when you can add that (small) brownie or other treat you enjoy. It goes without saying not to overdo this benefit, but in moderation, you can eat whatever you like. Many find that after a few weeks of optimal weight loss, they are not longer craving sweets or other junk food, and instead focusing on healthier choices. Just knowing you can have a treat occasionally is sometimes all it takes to quench its desire.

A Word About Exercise

The best exercise for a calorie shifting diet is weight training. Working the muscles of your body puts them in shape to burn calories at their best. While the perfect balance of exercise for weight loss is a combination of weight training, cardio, and stretching/yoga, lifting weights will have the most impact on keeping your metabolism in its best working order.

Calorie Shifting Diet to Boost Your Metabolism

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