L Carnitine Weight Loss Benefits

Is L Carnitine the Best Weight Loss Supplement?

Discover if L carnitine weight loss supplements can work for you. This nutritional supplement is known to help burn fat, speed up metabolism, and act as a mild appetite suppressant. Some claim that L carnitine is the best weight loss supplement because of its fat burning power.

L Carnitine Weight Loss Benefits Include

  • Increased fat burning ability.
  • A suble appetite suppressant.
  • Increased energy levels.
  • Enhances antioxidant effectiveness.
  • Assists in moving waste products (oxidants) at the cellular level.
  • Helps release stored energy (fat) to build new muscle tissue.

Related to B Vitamins

L Carnitine enhances fat burning at the cellular level. Although often stated to be an amino acid, carnitines are actually substances more related to B vitamins, but do have a structure very similar to an amino acid.

Enhance Weight Loss

L Carnitine transports fat into the cells to burn as energy. According to Robert Crayhon, one of this country's foremost nutritionists and author of the book The Carnitine Miracle, L-carnitine may be a powerful addition to your weight loss program. In one impressive study, participants who ate a healthy diet and exercised moderately for 12 weeks lost an average of one pound per week. Another group added two grams of carnitine per day to the same regimen, however weight loss averaged 11 pounds. Merely adding 2,000 mg of carnitine tartrate increased weight loss significantly.

Speed Up Metabolism

Taking a carnitine weight loss supplement can help in several ways. The ability to break up fat deposits by transporting fatty acids to the mitochondria where they help speed up metabolism and are burned as energy. A sluggish metabolism is often a cause for weight gain.

Carnitine weight loss benefits include helping to reverse the process of fat sccumulation in the cells by inhibiting fatty buildup, especially in the muscles, heart, and liver. Studies have shown decreased carnitine levels in people who are overweight. Carnitine deficiency may be a major reason why so many people have trouble metabolizing fat.

Feel More Energy

Carnitine plays a critical role in energy production. It transports long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria so they can be oxidized ("burned") to produce energy. It also transports the toxic compounds from the cells to prevent their accumulation.

L Carnitine Weight Loss Works

L Carnitine weight loss works because it helps in the transformation of fatty acids into dietary fuel. This process also helps support and speed up metabolism. Metabolism helps in converting fat cells into muscle. In turns, muscle burns more calories that fatty tissue.

How Much Should You Take?

Each person has a unique biochemistry, therefore dosage recommendations vary. A range of 50 to 500 mg daily works for most people. Carnitine accumulates over time, so skip a day or two a week. As with all natural supplements, start slowly with a lower dosage and find what works best for you. You must may be one of many who agrees that L carnitine is the best weight loss supplement!

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